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    • July 7, 2011 4:03 AM EDT
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      I have a tendency to bounce from hypnodomme to hypnodomme, and so, until yesterday, it had been awhile since I'd listened to one of Mistress Ellechemy's recordings. Her new session, "Svelte," reminds me of what I love about all her work.

      Ellechemy's recordings have a paradoxical quality, in that they leave the listener (i/m/e at least) feeling at once utterly, hopelessly, abjectly enslaved, and happy, energetic, almost glowing with self-confidence and relaxed tranquility. This recording emphasizes the latter feelings, although anyone familiar with Ellechemy's other work will surely feel the former seeping through. The concept behind the session is wonderful - an idea I'd actually been hoping someone would undertake for awhile now. In "Svelte," Ellechemy links fitness and regular exercise with feelings of obedience to her, allowing her slaves, subs, and admirers to look after their health, indulge their submissive tendencies, and please her all at the same time. As usual, her hypnosis is subtle yet all the more powerful as a result. You simply listen to her speaking, until you suddenly find yourself completely relaxed, entranced, and pliable without even noticing an induction. Also, this may be a matter of personal preference, but I found myself immediately reminded of how soothingly erotic her voice is. There's something almost physical about the way Ellechemy's words hit my ears - even before you fall into trance, you can imagine feeling her voice sliding over your skin and lazily slipping down into your body.

      I've always loved the sense I get from Ellechemy's recordings that she really cares about her listeners - she wants us to be utterly enslaved, always putting her pleasure before our own, but she also wants to give us the gift of well-being in return. This recording, perhaps more than any other, is proof of that. I can't recommend "Svelte" highly enough, to those familiar and unfamiliar with Ellechemy's work.

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