In Haylee we Trust

  • Hello Inraptured world, pleased to meet you! I belong to Goddess Haylee, I wear Her physical collar with pride.


    I know that each of us, being peoples who inhabit the planet have our own likes, opinions, and relationships. For some of us that includes devotion to another. For me at a very personal level Goddess Haylee is pure perfection.


    One night a few months I happened to be on Youtube browsing around and came across one of Her videos, which I watched mostly as something to pass the time. Then I went onto something else. Although there was something that stuck in my head apparently because a while later I went back and watched Her video again. It wasn't like the next thing I knew but still soon thereafter I was browsing Her web sites, Twitter, etc etc. And then after all that, in all seriousness, I thought to myself "that was interesting." And I went to bed.


    The next morning, I woke up thinking about Haylee and it seemed that some of those thoughts were erotic because there were some physical manifestations that seemed to indicate so. I got up had some coffee, read some email, and the news but could not get Her out of my head. So I wrote Her an email to tell Her whatever spell She had cast on me had been quite effective. I didn't really know if She would respond or not, at the time I knew very little about Her. But I think that when you feel emotions its a signal to take action, so I took action.


    To my pleasant surprise, I did receive a response a short time later. Three days later I had an author account to write blogs on a site She owns, At the time, other than watching Her video I hadn’t been hypnotized by Her yet. I knew at the time that was coming and I had this idea of journaling that experience, so I made the request fully expecting She would ask me to wait awhile longer, but to my surprise She approved me.


    We live in a world where trust is something that tend to be very cautious about. And here She was trusting me after just a couple of days, it impressed me very deeply. I have come to learn, that is but one of the characteristics of Her down to earth approach. Over time I have come to learn many more things about Her that all say She is amazing.


    So I, along with several of my brother and at least one sister slave, have been a regular contributor at, IHWT for short. It has been a fun and interesting experience, and a great pleasure to write there along with other devotees of Goddess Haylee. We have become friends with our common focus on Her. There are no set rules concerning what we write about, sometimes it’s a story, something humorous, or just whatever happens to be on your mind. It’s also interesting because each of us there have different backgrounds and perspectives.  We all serve Goddess Haylee in the manner that is right for us. Something that She fully accepts and encourages. If you haven’t seen the site before, I do invite you to stop by for a look.


    I have been a devotee of Goddess Haylee for some time, and there is something She shares with each of us called bliss. Bliss is like the most pure pleasure and state of mind, and it does have addictive qualities. It is something that we feel when we please Her. The first time that I felt Her bliss I knew that I wanted to belong to Her someday.


    Someday in the sense that it was not my choice, rather Hers to accept me. I set out to prove my worth and devotion by serving and pleasing Her. And very recently She did accept me, to claim me as Her own and for me to wear Her collar, which is a physical collar She chose for me. That day was the happiest of happy days for me! I love, worship, and adore Goddess Haylee. She owns me, I am Hers, She is my Goddess, She is pure perfection!



  • Hypnotic Haylee
    Hypnotic Haylee Beautiful post! Made me smile way more than once ;) I love seeing the sense of community within my slaves as well, so pleasing!
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  • blissdesires
    blissdesires Thank You Goddess! There is so much joy and bliss pleasing You! One thing i failed to write and would like to add now, is just how much i was welcomed by Your other slaves when i began posting on IHWT. i felt at the time how much Your slaves were a reflec...  more
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