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This is a privately owned website with femdom content including photos, videos, audio, literature, and discussions intended for an adult audience. If you are under 18 years old, you must leave.

If you suffer from any mental or physical disability, you accept that using recreational hypnosis without seeking (or against) the advice of your physician may worsen your condition. The owners of this site and the hypnotists who offer services here cannot act as a replacement for professional care, nor can they accept responsibility for your wellbeing.

Below you'll find a list of rules we expect members to follow. Do not mistake this for an exhaustive list. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the site without warning or explanation.

If you are unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to contact any of the members of our all-volunteer moderation team. You'll find their names, roles, and contact info listed at the bottom of this page.

• No personal attacks. If you disagree with someone, do so politely. Any issues that cannot be resolved quietly and amicably should be reported to a mod or admin - don't air dirty laundry on the public feed.
• Don't publicly post any private messages.
• Don't discuss banned members.
• Be sensitive to member's identities - including the titles and genders to which they ascribe.
• No products/services from submissives or from dominant males may be advertised here.
• Don't post controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic comments with the express purpose of evoking a negative response from the majority of the community. In other words – don't be a troll.
• DO NOT FEED TROLLS. Wisely and calmly stating your opinion to them is feeding them. Making comments about not feeding trolls is feeding them. Please just report the post/member. Every single word you speak to or about a troll in public just makes a bigger mess for the moderators to clean up.
• We discourage non-sexual hypnosis on Inraptured. If you're a hypnotist who doesn't want followers who orgasm to your voice, or a submissive looking exclusively for non-erotic hypnosis, you do not belong here. We will not redefine femdom hypnosis to exclude sexuality.
• We strongly encourage women to get paid for producing pleasure. Rates vary, and complaining about women receiving payment for their hypnosis is considered trolling. Women who play for free do so of their own free will and at their own risk.


• The women of Inraptured expend a great deal of effort, skill, and money to create enjoyable hypnosis products. Please respect their efforts, and do not redistribute media without their express consent. Discussions promoting filesharing (or links to such sites) are considered disrespectful to the hypnotists and will be removed. We want our ladies to profit from producing pleasure.

• We welcome honesty, and session reviews are simply not helpful if every single one is glittering like a disco ball on steroids. So if you don't like a particular file, or a hypnotist's style doesn't work for you, you are welcome to say that. But you must do so with tact.

Don't spam the board . At Inraptured, we applaud devotion to your chosen Domme, and encourage you to share thoughtful reviews, testimonials, and discussion with and about her. We do not encourage devotion in the form of constant wall posts that do not enrich the community as a whole. Please keep your status updates relevant and community-focused. (Please note, adding “and the Inraptured community!” to a status update does not a community-focused post make.) If you need to tell your Domme how wonderful she is half a dozen times a day, show her pictures of lolcats, or regularly announce what day of the week it is - that's what her inbox is for . This is a community , not your own personal shrine.

• When it comes to posting images, use your judgment. As far as content limits - think soft porn (NO penises, NO spread shots). And, of course, no male domination. If a picture is in a grey area – say a bound and gagged woman by herself who, in theory, could maybe possibly be about to be dominated by a woman – we're going to delete it.

• Male switches: We've got nothing but love for switching. But when you come here, you must check your dominant tendencies at the door.

• All members are welcome to contact any of our mod team but if you have a sub-specific issue, please contact Matty . He acts as the sub liaison between Inratpured members and the site owners. If you ask, he will keep your comments away from the ears/eyes of any Dommes (including admins) and will investigate/escalate any issues inside a Domme-free chain of command.


• We don't relish the thought of dictating your dominant morality. But here in our community, we have to ask you to consider the impact your domination has on your subs' financial, emotional, and social wellbeing. Reckless, non-consensual domination cannot be tolerated.

• No public discussion of chargebacks or financial disputes over services rendered (or not rendered). Inraptured is not a customer complaint center.

• Likewise, no posting lists of customers who are fraudulent, disobedient, serving multiple mistresses, etc. Inraptured is not a ruling authority, mediator, or database for that sort of thing. (But feel free to create an online location for this purpose – we may even share the link!)

• Thematic overlap in sessions is to be expected, but please make an effort to avoid copying hypnotist's session titles. Use the search function and show originality.

• All products advertised in The Marketplace are for entertainment purposes only. If you advertise a session on our site, please avoid titles or descriptions that suggest any kind of therapy whenever possible. If you are venturing into the "naughty therapist" kink, we ask you to include a disclaimer in your session description clarifying that the hypnosis is erotic entertainment only, not therapy.

• We frown upon jealousy and catty competitiveness. There's more than enough capacity for shared prosperity and success without trying to hog the spotlight or purposely shove someone else out of it. Go easy on the self-promotion and don't post or encourage others to post just to drive someone else off the main page.

• In that vein, rewarding your subs with your attention when they exhibit spam-the-feed behavior is considered bad form. If you see your subs engaging in redundant devotion, obsessive picture-posting, and other daily attention-seeking behavior which doesn't truly benefit the community as a whole, we ask you to speak to the sub so the mods don't have to. It's behavior like this that caused a recent near-silence on the site. If you enjoy that sort of behavior in your subs, ask them to direct it to your inbox, not to a public website.

• Female switches: If you want to engage in switchy hypnosis with men from the site, you must keep all discussion of it in PM or in off-site communication.

• All members are welcome to contact any member of our admin team, but if you have any Domme-specific issues or complaints you want to register, please contact Ember . She acts as the Domme liaison between Inraptured Dommes and the site owners.

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